Saturday, 17 January 2009

Make Money By Blogging By Promoting Affiliate Programs

The funniest thing in "making money with clickbank" is that you get a check when you least expect it.

The amount could be small, around $400 or it could be even $4,000 – but the point is that clickbank certainly generates you some income.

Now a lot of people have enquired whether they could "make money from blogging" by promoting affiliate programs from clickbank and the answer to the question is YES !!

In fact I would also go on to say that it is possible for anyone, to "make money from blogs". But the reality is that, most people who write blogs exclusively to make money really DON'T make a lot of money

Some of the many reasons for this, is because blogging is an organized, disciplined and ongoing process and fresh content is always necessary and no sooner people forego this due to other commitments, they lose out !

Now writing a blog and trying to "make money by promoting affiliate programs" is a different ball game.

Promoting your own product

A simple method to "make money from blogging" is by promoting your own product. Some of you may have access to some service or product that is in highly demand by others. Ofcourse, you would want to utilize this and sell it to the open market by creating your own product info.

For example, you could be a great cook or even a better beautician or a mechanic. Obviously, you can write a book on cooking and let out a bit of those tasty recipes and even promote them on your blogs. Naturally, when people start buying your products or services, you will automatically start to "earn money from your product" too.

Promoting Others Products Through Affiliate Programs

For some of us who are really clueless on what to create, then promoting other’s products may be another method for you to "make money online". It is here where "affiliate programs" come in. On the internet, there are a variety of products with which you can "make money by promoting affiliate programs" and earn a good commission.

In other words, when people read your blog and buy some of the affiliate products or services that you have recommended, you will be paid a commission.

You can CLICK HERE for a list of Affiliate Networks.

Here, you can sign up with any of these "affiliate networks", identify products that go well with your blogs subject and promote them. Don’t go for products that have a very low commission. Just one sale of a high commission product would be enough to cover all those low commission sales. People who run niche sites or blogs generally, go for a product with high commission.

All you got to do is to simply write a simple and straightforward blog post saying what you think about the product or service and why you recommend it

Obviously your blog has a set of loyal readers and they believe in your recommendation. It is a form of advertising but at the lowest level – you don’t need a model or a celebrity to promote the product. All it needs is a good recommendation that needs to reach a maximum number of readers or households.

When you are consistently able to make your visitors trust you and buy what you have recommended, then "earning money from blogging" becomes a cake-walk.

Ofcourse, there are even more ways on "how to make money from blogging".

I have just listed here only a few of the basic methods. Please note that there are even more strategies that you can choose from, if you’re interesting in "making money from blogs".

But at the moment, start from those simple strategies that you can understand and is not cumbersome or difficult to understand

Once you have your blog set up and all the basic first content created, you are ready to "make money from blogging"

Try not to put Adsense ads on blogs that are promoting affiliate products or products with affiliate programs. Mainly because, if you put up Adsense ads on a site promoting affiliate programs, the focus of the product is lost. In other words, the site should be dedicated to selling the affiliate product and not competitor's products. You would be getting peanuts for an Adsense option. That is to say, don’t give your visitor a reason to leave your site for a few cents. I would rather lose a potential sale rather than have them leave for an Adsense click!

In short, if you want Adsense money, build a content site!

If you are searching for some additional income, try having a small niche. A small niche may not have enough traffic to support you by itself, but having a network of niches can provide you some good passive income!

Once you have your first network tweaked and running, wash, rinse and repeat!

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