Thursday, 27 December 2007

Data Entry Jobs Or Home Typist Jobs

A lot of people are earning money blogging and also profiting quite a sum of money by just writing online ads from their homes

Now this is for those who are only interested to work part time, and want to work from home for a few hours a week on the Internet...

No experience or special skills are required.

All you need is a computer and access to the Internet. What you will be doing is typing online ads that you submit into online forms...

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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Home based Businesses

HOME BASED BUSINESS have come a long way over the years.

Thanks to the home computer and Internet, you now have access to unlimited information and opportunities... and unlimited ways to earn extra money. It is a common fact that most of the successful companies today on the internet started from nowhere, and all they had were access to a computer, a connection to the Internet, some free time and a determination to succeed so as to obtain their financial freedom.

At the beginning, Internet home business can seem really overwhelming. However, it’s full of get-rich quick schemes and you have to be extra careful to not fall into any of them.

Lastly, the most important factor in starting a home business is YOU! In order to be successful, your home business has to fit your talents and interests

For Freshers and Newbies
Corey Rudl was really the first one to put together a Internet Network Marketing Tips Course Many others have tried to follow in his foot steps with their own courses, but few have managed to live up to the high bar that Corey set in the beginning. There is also his Profit Maker Videos Course, which is also rather useful. In fact there is a whole MENU devoted to freshers and newbies

The SFI Marketing Group has become one of the world's largest Internet affiliate program. SFI can help you how to build a profitable Internet home business through Free SFI Membership. It's a powerful, proven system, and can create an income stream that can gradually replace your current job or career.

Free Downloads
There are some also good free downloads, such as Ken Evoy's, Affiliate Masters Course, and Free Search Engine Yearbook; which are very useful for those new to the affiliate arena. They can give you an insight into what you are in store for.

Complete Web site Package
It is obvious that anyone starting out would require a professional-looking Website. This can be done by either hiring a designer to do a custom site for you, OR designing it yourself. Unless you’re both trained extensively in HTML and have a background in design, it’s well worth the money to hire someone. If their rates are higher than you can afford, try and obtain pre-designed Web site templates.

Custom Made Sites/ Website Bundles.
Alternately, if your budget is next to nil and you'd like to choose from a variety of templates that you can customize, check out Ken Evoy's Site-Build-It The package is affordable and also includes hosting, a list service, and more.

You can also check out Website Wizard which has 10+ different website building services in 1 package. Additionally, you can also look up Warrior Pro, which has Domain Names, sales letters, tracking, the works.

Of course, you can always join an Affiliate Program for free and receive your own free duplicate website, BUT you will need to invest time, energy, and even yes, some money into promoting your Internet home business!

Domain Name
Get your own business DOMAIN NAME. It’s just a fact that folks will feel safer shopping at a site with its own domain name. You can get one at BizMint, where you can get secret Domain Names for Pennies.. You can also get one at Host For Profit, which has a Business Level Hosting Account

Get a high-quality LOGO. Again, if you don’t have much of a budget, get one from Cosmic Templates, where you can obtain a drag and drop logo for a low cost.

Once you have your site you need the right keywords to market the site, which you can obtain from Word Tracker

Auto responders, Email marketing and Newsletters
Now that most of your site is ready
, you need to set up an email marketing programme, which can be done with either Mail Loop OR Nitro list Builder, which comes rather cheap. QuickPayPro which has sales, news, e-mail marketing letters and autoresponders. In fact it is a complete eBusiness automation system

Ofcourse, you also need fresh content (preferably free) to keep your newsletters going and that can be got from Idea Marketers

Affiliate Program
Now that you have your site, keywords, autoresponders etc., you need to set up an Affiliate Program. EasyAutoPro is a good affiliate software, OR you can also go in for AssocTrac , which is equally good, if not better

What you need to do next is set up an affiliate tracking software that tracks and identifies which of your ads/ links are making money. HyperTracker does just that for you

Now you need a Search Engine to position your site. There are many good ones and it wouldn't be justice to single out just one. Anyway give these guys a short - Search Engine Positioning

Internet Based Residual Programmes
I've also listed a few of the successful Internet Based Residual Programmes. However, much of your success depends on your familiarity with residual programmes. You can either join those listed, or, you can identify and join programmes, which is in line with the service/ product you offer. Make sure you enjoy promoting them, and that they offer high commissions.

Affiliate Network Services
Most affiliate merchants today make use of Affiliate Network Services. They are the safest when it comes to making payments on time, conflict resolution and accurate tracking. Affiliate Networks are also great sources to find good affiliate programs and can help you get payments from different merchants through a single cheque. So make sure to register at some good networks. Some reputed affiliate network services are
Link Share and Shareasale

You need to have a link to these essential resources in any home business.

Paypal An online payment service - fast and no start-up costs
The Dropshipper’s Directory They take care of the entire supply process
Nitro Tax Helper A simple software helps you eliminate your tax nightmare

Work at Home Job.
Unlike a home business, a Work at Home Job offers you the opportunity to receive a regular salary and to do one specific task, and an employer pays you. A work at home job offers more security and less risk than a home business. Also, Freelancing allows you to freedom to work in spurts (i.e., on short term projects) and then take a breather. Listed below are a list of good contact sources where you can obtain part-time freelancing work, be it writing, freelance design or even surveys. There are hundreds of them.

Closing Line
Lastly, it is very difficult (an understatement) to put a comprehensive breakdown of resources into a single page, as there are numerous sources where you can obtain wonderful if not better information. As I said earlier the info provided should more than suffice for anybody wanting to enter into the home Business, as long as they follow it conscientiously

Besides, each link opens a door into another set of resources and so on and it is never ending. The best thing is that you learn something new each day. Enjoy it and
wishing you the best in your home based business.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Proposal - SIEMENS Mobile Phones

Fab advert... man tells these girls don't wait... watch the rest...

It's not fair to comment on it.. It is nothing clandestine... but the ad is just simply superb..