Monday, 12 April 2010

How To Increase Productivity With A Rewards Employee Program

Now days we are aware of the fact that the companies are expanding their wings in all directions of work and because of which, it is very difficult for the companies to increase productivity from the employees and at the same time keep the budget to an optimum level. However, there are certain ways which may help companies to increase productivity without disturbing the budget.

Mentioned below are a few options on how companies can increase productivity and at the same time enhance business growth. The rewards not only count the monetary benefits but also the personal benefits that can make the employees loyal to you.

1. Initiating a rewards employee program, where the company rewards employees for their efforts as well as their successes. Rewards are also given to employees to generate ideas constantly. Whether these ideas work or fail, is irrelevant. In fact, certain companies give out awards to best ideas, despite it not working.

2. The employee should be seen through single a perception and the consideration of a rewards program should be dealt in the same way.

3. Another employee rewards option is making a flexible work schedule for the employees such that there is no compulsion to work in those hours which they could happily spend at home or with their loved ones. Each employee should be given a form specifying his working capability in best hours of the day and then try to assign him those hours.

4. Make working fun for those employees who are doers and have outshined the rest. It is a well known fact that a tensed mind burdened with work could never reveal out perfection. Best employees should never feel that work is becoming hectic for them. Performers should be providers with proper training if they are not familiar with certain conditions of work.

5. Help performers connect with senior officials in your company as it will reveal their capabilities and make them feel that the company cares for their individual growth. This will not disturb your company rather it will help to extract optimum work from your employee.

6. Take them to the company parties and company sponsored events. Giving employees a free family pass for functions or games sponsored by the company will definitely enhance their attitude towards the work. It will make them feel that you care for them. This will make them feel more as a part of the company and gradually increase their loyalty towards the company.

7. Sponsoring and blowing out the candles on an employee’s birthday party makes your employee feeling recognized. The dignity of the employee is one of the major issues for the organization and such functions only provide opportunities for it to work better. An excellent employee rewards item.

8. Another important employee rewards program is the personal concern extended towards the employee and their family needs. Personal loans must be granted by companies to employees, should such a need arise. There must not be any difficulty or major issue for such a criteria.

9. Offering a swap regarding their favorite project can help enhanced performance. This is because they will definitely work better on their chosen project rather than those which are forcefully allotted.

The above employee programs can greatly help companies to increase productivity

Sunday, 4 April 2010

How To Use E-Mail Monitor Software

Even though reading others mail is strictly against respecting each individuals right to privacy, there may be times when you will positively need to know what your children, spouse or employees communicate via mail. That’s when programs or software that monitors emails become useful. They capture and send to you every mail that pass through the computer.

The procedure is easy to use and install for you even if you are not that well versed with the system. Having this powerful tool installed keeps you in control of what goes on in the network. Every action is monitored like you have a surveillance camera on with which even snapshots can be taken in addition to recording each email sent.

This is important because this will give you valuable info into your child's or spouse’s behavior online, and the peace of mind to know exactly where they are spending their time on net and what kind of content they are trying to access.

And in case of an employer, it reduces frivolous or inappropriate activity within employees, monitor if the performance of employee is anyway affected due to his computer usage. It can also help you recover any lost valuable information, such as important mails, passwords etc.

Then, there is also the keylogger, a computer monitoring software, which monitors computer user activity, keyboard strokes, computer's desktop screenshots in addition to capturing all your computer user's activity, recording computer audio sound, computer voice chat, voice conference chat and recording the computer's room voices and sounds. It also monitors and records e-mails, websites, documents, chat sessions, instant message archives, chat conversations and keyboard typed text. It also helps in chat room monitoring, i.e., it reads and monitors each and every word said in chat rooms of commonly used programs such as Yahoo and MSN. Besides, it completely runs in hidden mode while monitoring your computer.

You can use keylogger when you are not near your computer as keylogger runs in surveillance mode. With it advance stealth mode capability; it works at your desired task. You can secretly monitor you computer when you are away from your computer and is highly efficient and user friendly.

The file download monitor comes into play when employees download large files like videos or music via FTP or torrent sites. Such activity uses up a lot of valuable computer bytes and incase the files are pirated or illegal, its the company's owner is responsible in front of the law. In addition, the screen capture takes keeps track of whatever that is being watched on screen with the help of instant snapshots. It also works in stealth mode, i.e., no one other than you need to be aware that the monitor software is installed. You can also use a password to protect anyone else accessing the information.

Summing up, if you want to know what is going on your computer when you are not with computer and if you want to track what applications are opened on your computer in your absence by your children/ spouse, and if you want to record email, voice chat and instant messageing records and if you want to track your employee activities in your absence, you can use e-mail monitor software.