Thursday, 11 October 2007

Golf Apparel For Ladies

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Golf is a sport dominated by the rich, but now many people can afford playing it and now even women have taken an active interest in it.

The perception that men can have the longest golf swing is not true anymore !!

Women's entry to the greens made it even more fascinating as women dress in style while having their golf

Just because you play with the men, doesn't mean you have to look like them. To emphasize this, try visiting Women's Golf Pro Shop for the latest golf apparel ladies! In short, you know that golfers have different fashions fopr men, but what if you are a woman?

Shopping for golf apparel ladies clothing and equipment online can give you the flexibility of comparing prices side by side. Name brand golf apparels for women With the display of different golf apparel ladies, you can tell who among these women who caries these women dresses with finest golf clothing among others.

Regardless of your favorite can find them here. Browse through their huge selection of golf shoes, skirts and more. Besides, they offer same day shipping on all golf purchases.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

One foot....advantage !!!

A man lost one leg below the knee in an accident.

He replaced with a good artificial limb and could soon walk without a limp.

Now the problem was findin a girl... someone, who would only have sex with him after marriage as he didn't want to inform her about the missing leg...

He finally found one, and married her but did not tell the girl or her parents about the missing leg.

At night the girl found out that her husband had only one leg. She was very upset. When the man went to the loo, she called home and her mother answered the phone and she started sobbing.

He has got only one foot Ma......

The mother pacified her and calmed her.... You should actually be very happy dear.....

Your father has got only six inches....

Sunday, 7 October 2007

CBprosense - Make Money By Promoting Affiliate Programs

The funniest thing in "making money with clickbank" is that you get a check when you least expect it. The amount could be small, around $400 or it could be even $4,000 – but the point is that clickbank certainly generates you some income.

However, it is Google Adsense dominate the Internet Marketing Advertising industry by displaying contextual ads to targeted audience on websites large and small.

One of the biggest trends over the last few years has been the explosion of websites built to take advantage of the Google AdSense system. And when someone clicks on the AdSense ads that you display, a few cents tumble into your account. If you have sites earning money with AdSense you'll know why this is a good idea.

Then there’s ClickBank. The hottest and most well known affiliate programs network. ClickBank is one of the major players in affiliate marketing online and show every sign of growing in popularity, strength and power in the market.

And trying to "make money by promoting affiliate programs" is a different ball game.

Clickbank has been around for years and has earned an excellent reputation online. They work as a payment processor and an affiliate program all rolled into one.

Now the most obvious fact with Google AdSense is that you have no idea how much you will get paid for each ad clicked. And while you can get occasional clicks worth a dollar or more, most bring you only a few cents. A more detail version of this is given here - How To Make Money With Adsense

Now if you find that the promise of making hundreds of dollars a day from displaying pay-per-click ads on your website is falling short of expectations, why not try an alternate method, which could double, triple, or even quadruple your website revenue ?

So, why settle for this handful of cents for each click that turned into a referral for someone else, when those same clicks can be potential sales for a product that would pay YOU 50, 60 or even 75% in commission?

To explain this in detail - if one of your visitors clicks on an ad on your site and ends up buying a $47 eBook, imagine how much better it will feel to get a commission of up to $30 rather than the few cents that you'd normally get for your efforts

Besides, Clickbank marketplace includes over 10,000 eBooks and other downloadable products on all kinds of subjects, that anyone with a free Click Bank® account can sell or promote to make substantial commissions of up to 75%

Clickbank also has a built in affiliate program and they provide you with sales and commissions reports and will send you pay cheques twice per month But unfortunately, what Clickbank does not have, is a "user interface" department.

This is where CBprosense's comes in.
CBprosense is one of the most powerful ways to monetize your website.

How would you like to have a smart engine that works similar to Google AdSense but display products from Clickbank with your affiliate ID already embedded in the ads? What if you can easily turn your website into a monster Clickbank affiliate money

Besides, affiliate marketing is booming and CBprosense puts your website right in front of the hungry crowd.

CBprosense as mentioned earlier is similar in the way it works compared to other contextual ad delivery systems ( like the ones used by the major search engines ), but with one major difference; The CBprosense system delivers highly targeted ClickBank products that closely relate to the content of your page.

It is a system that works similar to Google AdSense but displays products from Clickbank with your affiliate ID already embedded in the ads ?

It is specifically designed to help you bring your site's revenue potential to it's max, a set and forget service designed to bring the best of ClickBank's high commission paying, downloadable products (and services) right into your content.

In short you can promote a variety of products with which you can "make money by promoting affiliate programs" and turn your website into a monster Clickbank affiliate money making machine

So, why try and make your fortune only from the PPC ( pay per click ) revolution where you normally tend to make much more than a few cents a day or perhaps a couple of dollars at best.

Is it not wise option to atleast try out CBprosense content-relevant product matching system.

Ads that your visitors will want to click on. And each time they do, you will have the chance to earn substantial affiliate commissions - not a few cents, but real dollars.

CBprosense allows you to harness the power of Clickbank automatically, without compromising the integrity of your website in any way. That is to say, this unique, highly customisable content monetizing system will rotate on your site links to content-relevant, high commission paying, best performing Clickbank products and services.

In short, you can earn up to 75% in commission for each product sold ! That is to say with most products paying anywhere from 40% to 75% in commissions, you can earn up to a maximum of $100 per sale !

CBprosense display units are fully customisable and are designed to suite almost any page design. The system lets you specify your ad sizes, background and text colors, font face, product minimum commission rate, number of products per unit and various other product filters. You use their Ad builder or generic ad code and simply copy and paste a few lines of HTML to your pages. CBprosense does all the rest, the system. All links are automatically hard coded with your own Clickbank Affiliate ID and will open in a new window when clicked.

Besides, if you've got a webmaster related site, you could also make $42 or $32 per sale respectively on your sales of CBprosense paid subscriptions when you send customers through your site or a mail link.

There is also another issue here. If suppose your Adsense account was banned, then this serves as a good backup. So put CBprosense as an alternative in your file for Adsense.

As they say you really find out, only when the need arises.

Now get ready to make money with the CBprosense Search Engine Marketplace

Bottom line - although Google is a top player in the PPC advertising field, CBprosense does in some ways comes as a much more lucrative alternative to Google Adsense

So if you are keen on trying to “make money by promoting affiliate programs" and "
making money with clickbank", you ought to give the CBprosense Search Engine Marketplace a shot !