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How To Make Money from Paid Surveys

"How to make money online from paid surveys" and mystery shopping - are a common set of keywords that are constantly searched for by many people, in search engines.

I often receive emails from work-at-home moms and students wanting to know how they could "make extra money online". Generally, I don't advise them to start blogging as it takes up quite a bit of your time. Besides, you got to be focussed and also organised.

It is then I advise them to check out "paid online surveys" as one of the options

Then they ask whether it is worth taking it up and whether they are really genuine ?

First of all, "paid online surveys" are generally conducted by market research firms.

Just in the United States alone, companies spend over who-knows-how-much amount dollars a year on consumer research and surveys. Market research companies are hired to test their advertisements or do research so that they know the best way to advertise to certain markets. These market research firms have large panels of people they use to conduct their studies. They do their research through having people test the products, mystery shoppers, and "paid surveys".

Market research companies, doing the surveys are willing to pay you to visit their place of business, and act like a normal patron. These companies will pay you just to spend a couple of hours browsing, because they need an honest opinion from an everyday consumer on how well their facilities are doing. These market research companies are willing to pay people good money (up to $50 an hour) to everyday people for their honest opinion, and a lot of people are not aware of this.

Although most of these "paid surveys" only pay a small amount of money, usually between $1 and $15, some rare ones may pay up to $50, but just rare.It usually takes about fifteen minutes to complete. Some people have made a significant amount of money simply taking paid surveys. The rewards are usually in forms of points, later you can redeem points with cash(check), gift cards, common daily products. Many website also reward sweepstake entries to $10-$5000 drawings. However the latter is not a reliable way of steady earning. The hardest part is finding and sorting through all the research websites out there

Now let's take a look at Mystery Shopping and Get Paid To Shop Sites

Well, if you are in need of some part time work, becoming a mystery shopper may well be the answer! With flexible short hours and good pay, "mystery shopping jobs" offers a fun and an interesting working environment.

These companies will pay you just to spend a couple of hours browsing, because they need an honest opinion from an everyday consumer on how well their facilities are doing. ie., whether their stores and surrounding areas are clean, if their staff is helpful etc. Several companies will send assignments right to your email inbox. You can read and decide whether you would like to accept it or not. You may be asked to go to a restaurant, hotel or watch a movie to evaluate the food, cleanliness and overall attitude of the staff. All of which helps businesses improve their customer service and product quality to increase sales to stay ahead of their competitors.

Once the task is completed and a full report is submitted, the mystery shopper receives their well earned pay...... Easy Work! Jennifer Voitle, the notable mystery shopper was featured in a Wall Street Journal article which stated the she earns over $7000 a month in mystery shopping fees - along with shopping freebies! She went dress shopping, stopped into a bank to cash a check and visited a Saturn dealership to look at new cars. After golf, she was headed to Manhattan for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. All these activities were "paid shopping jobs".

Her total earnings for the day: about $300. Can you believe they call this work? She said. (Source: Get Paid To Shop site

Shopping Jobs
You can work full time or part time and decide on what assignments you want to take. Many shoppers earn between $10 and $40 per hour just for having fun. This is perfect for stay at home moms! Besides, you get paid to shop, eat in restaurants, play golf, take cruises and more

On an average most "mystery shopping jobs" pay up to $50 per hour, but don't last more than 2 hours and you have the option to accept or reject each offer. Therefore, typical earnings would be around $20 to $100 per job including some free goodies or a free family meal at a restaurant. This may not make you rich, but if you can line up more than 1 job per day, it is an interesting and fun source of income.

Unfortunately if you want to participate, you are likely to find hundreds of websites claiming to help you get daily work for a mere $20 to $30 fee. However, many of these websites have one intent - raking in your hard-earned cash without providing very useful information or resources to help you get work as a mystery shopper

Given below are a few SAMPLE mystery shopping reports ;

survey report   /  
shopping report   /  
search report   /  
car report

Cathy Stucker has written a well-researched book called The Mystery Shopping Manual with insider information on the mystery shopping industry, a must read for those who want to be great mystery shoppers. You can also obtain more guidance from the fab job guide to mystery shopping.

In fact, Cathy's Mystery Shopping Manual is the first and only book for mystery shoppers to receive the endorsement of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), the international professional association dedicated to mystery shopping. Cathy is the presenter for the MSPA's Gold Certification Workshops. The MSPA is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources. With over 150 member companies worldwide, it has a diverse membership that include companies that specialize in providing mystery shopping services.

The Mystery Shopping Provider Association (MSPA) provides solid information and a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful shopper. The MSPA recognizes that Mystery Shopping is a profession, not just a hobby. Accordingly, they have developed an on-line Silver Certification program and a more in-depth Gold Certificate program to be offered in person. Companies are always looking to hire the best and brightest, and this certification is one method of setting you apart from the crowd. The Silver Certification consists of a $15 online test. If you pass this test, you will be given a confirmation number. You will be able to use your e-mail address and this confirmation number to sign up for Gold Certification conferences.

Although, membership in MSPA is ONLY for those companies involved in the mystery shopping industry and not for mystery shoppers, it provides the most comprehensive resource available to you to help you find the right mystery shopping engagements that are fit for you! Here, you can search for jobs by location and you can find information about MSPA member companies. Click here to go to the website for mystery shoppers

"Paid surveys" are usually taken online, and less commonly through postal methods. Several companies also send assignments right to your email inbox. You can read and decide whether you would like to accept it or not. In many product test surveys, they also provide free products for you through mailing, one should test for a while then complete a paper or online survey to receive credits. Many websites exist where one can input certain characteristics about themselves, which is kept confidential and be emailed relevant surveys according to ages, genders, geological residents, jobs, gross household incomes etc., and be paid for these surveys

Generally, people used paid surveys is mainly for those who need some part-time income, while they are searching for a job, or just as pocket money. Did you know that you can easily make an extra $300 to $1,000 a month, good money filling out online surveys sitting at home in your pajamas?

If you are in need of some part time work, answering "paid online surveys" may well be the answer! With flexible short hours and very good pay, it offers a fun and an interesting working environment. A lot of people actually make a nice living from home, working mostly online, and generally, most of them take the easy way out. They focus only on get paid to take online surveys and most of them make anywhere around $5 to $150 per survey. Besides, the "get paid to take phone surveys" also earns them as much as $120 an hour.

Please note that these rates depend from market research company to company, and the time factor in which they need results.. On an average the going rates are half the quoted figures. But there are cases, in fact more than a few who have recieved these high rates

The other common problem with paid surveys is that they are being marketed by unscrupulous individuals as a source of easy money. It is not uncommon to see advertisements promising $75 an hour or more in potential earnings. Although this is useless propaganda, it cannot be said that paid surveys cannot be counted as a source of an online income. They do provide a reasonable second income and a good work from home opportunity. But it is advisable to enter this line of work with realistic expectations.

If you are having intentions of being able to retire by taking online surveys - forget it will never happen. Although there are a lot of sites out there advertising that you can make thousands of dollars per week or make $50 plus dollars and hour for taking online surveys, any desire of earning huge amounts of money for minimal amount of work is likely to end in disappointment. In most cases, it doesn't really matter where you live, or who you are and if you are interested you can do it too. But the chances of making $10,000+ every month is a little far fetched and it is highly doubtful, you can make that amount.

Mentioned below is a format of a sample test survey result.

CLICK HERE for a SAMPLE survey report

Mentioned below are a few of the reputed companies that are involved in paid online surveys. This does not mean these are the best or are guarnteed sources. It is only to help you to save time searching online for survey companies and not to fall into scams.

Survey Scout
This is more of a Get Paid to take Surveys site - But it includes the 'Get Paid to Shop' database as a free extra. It has a large database of "paid to shop", paid surveys and an instant survey paying $25 when you sign up details - You also get access to 25 FREE survey reports. They also have one of the most profitable "paid surveys" affiliate program on the web. So, in addition to the extra $400 plus a month for filling their online surveys, they also pay a 75% ($23.50) affiliate commission on every sale, and their conversion ratio is off the charts. Many of their affiliates average insane conversion ratios of 15-30% or higher! That's 1 sale for every 4-8 visitors ... or earnings of over $3 per click. You can't make money with these kind of numbers, even paying high CPCs at Overture, Google, etc. has been advertised and recognised as one of the low risk online survey companies. Mainly because there are cases where people have invested hundreds in survey companies and not got a single cent back. The companies listed with them are low-risk and most of their 11,000 odd members do make money with them. Ideal for a stay-at-home mom or a college student searching for some additional money.

goZing Cash Surveys
It is another free online survey site which offers cash rewards to participant members. Once an individual signs up with goZing they are then invited, via email, to periodically participate in new live surveys ranging in topic from critiquing new products to watching never-before-seen movie trailers. For every survey completed members are rewarded CASH or sweepstake opportunities.

Get Cash For Surveys

Most of today's "survey" sites online generally show you only 5 or 10 select companies that pay you for surveys. Its quite obvious that they are promoting these companies. However, Get Cash For Surveys provides a list with the freshest and most
complete list of online survey opportunities available.

"Paid Online Surveys" From PSO Research Group
Another factor, which affects most businesses are market conditions and connections. Most people feel, if they can't connect with something, it is better left alone - this holds good for business too. If you are into connections and controlling heavily - you would have to tune yourself and try and synchronise with these companies when the conditions are favourable. This company is currently enjoying a good status mainly because of market conditions. That does not mean it is bad, but there are better companies out there whose market connections, currently are on the lower side.

Big Survey Payouts
Again, good market connections, and this survey site is presently one of the widest demographically targeted products ever.

Now that you have some idea on surveys, have you ever wondered whom your end user would be. It is unlikely that you would ever consider this, as you view it as a paid for part time fun, project. Now market research is a very deep subject. Although you are the bottom most rung of it, it is obvious you would be least interested in how it functions.

Now, if you would like to provide professional answers (although this is an understatement, as survey companies only expect frank opinion from the end user!), it would be a bit wise to go through the below mentioned links. You can always apply your new-found know how to surveys that you never consider applying for!

All said and done, give it a try - its fun.

Here's wishing you the best and hope that you "make money online from paid surveys".

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