Saturday, 17 May 2008

Paid Reviews And Sponsored Posts Links

As you must be aware by now that another way to "make money from blogging" by writing paid-reviews.

To put is simply, paid-reviews are there to help bloggers "make money from blogging" and help advertisers to increase site traffic, get feedback and promote their products via bloggers. The blog/ site basically acts as the middleman for advertisers and bloggers, and allows bloggers to bid for reviews, or be personally selected by an advertiser.

Writing reviews can also be considered as a common idea for producing content on websites. Simply review something in your niche by writing about what it is, where it's from, special features, and how it relates to your niche as a whole, and your opinion on it, plus anything else your visitors or a potential buyer would like to know.

This approach is easy to start but it does require regular reviews to be written to keep this section up-to-date and a valuable resource for your visitors so as to generate traffic.

How regular depends on how specialized your niche is. If review is all music, then you've got your work cut out. If you only review new dance music, then you have a slightly easier job, and if you only review one band, then you have a much easier job of writing reviews.

Mentioned below are a few popular paid-to-review sites. For those interested in paid-reviews and sponsored posts, the below links would be of great help....


Social Spark

Sponsored Reviews

Hope you "make money from blogging" !!

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