Thursday, 15 May 2008

How To Make Money From Blogs

If you have spent any time on the internet, you must have heard the word blog, but just what is this concept of blogging and "how to make money from blogs" is something you would eagerly like to know

Have you ever wondered how blogs actually got started ?

You will need to understand how to research your blog how to do everything from figuring out where you fit in to finding the best keywords through both paid and free tools.

I took up blogging not so long ago, and it didn’t go well.

I started out quite well, with such good intentions - posting every day, spending time thinking of unique and fresh topics to blog about that would be interesting to my readers. But I soon got weighed down with the amount of work it took, and the time I spent making posts.

The inevitable happened - my blogging slowed, and my blog faded. Visitors dropped to 1 or 2 a day. Something had to be done!

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to kick start my blogging career again. Only this time, I wouldn’t think of it as a career. I now blog about subjects that I’m deeply interested in, and it feels much more like a hobby.

Of course to "make money from blogging" is what, it is all about and soon you will learn how to "make money from blogsg". To make money you would first need to advertise your blog and finding the best place to put your ads and the best ways to target and bring the traffic straight to your blog.

So, if you are ready to learn how to set up your blog and make some money, then just continue researching and reading so as to learn the easy way to accomplish this.

A key to blogging successfully is the passion of the author.

Copying and pasting articles from directories will bring search engine traffic, but it won’t build a readership.

As in list marketing, the money comes because of your relationship with your readers – the same is true for blogs. If you’re scraping or automating the process and basically just copying content - you may as well set up an article site, because you won’t have a blog.

But I am not here to preach about the ethics of blogging and how to go about producing a decent blog that people will return to and that you can use for selling. The main issue here is to make the process of blogging easier for you, and how to make it quicker.

Although I do partially support the automating of this process, ie., scraping, copy ‘n’ pasting, it must be mentioned that the main idea of copy and pasting is that it saves time. And make sure that the articles are in line with your intentions and that it is not copyright stuff. If so please do give a courtesy to the author so that there are no legal hassles

However it must be mentioned that if you’re going to simply replicating content, they will eventually find the original source and they’ll become regulars there instead.

Basically, blogging is about the voice of the author, and it is that what draws readers into their blogging world.

But my hardest problem was finding topics and blogging about them and time itself.

If you want to monetize the blog - go ahead. But make sure you have rock solid, real, unique, hand generated content to keep people coming back.

It's a catch-22 situation - not only you need to have fresh info, but it ought to be original as well....

That's about it - just think of blogging as keeping a diary, one of the best solutions on "how to make money from blogs".

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